Whether you’re just starting out or preparing for retirement, we can help. We’ll create a plan to help you stay on track.

An initial plan that you can grab and go.


The Plan Process
We’ll ask to review a specific list of financial documents. Once we review them we’ll set up an interim goal setting meeting. Here we’ll start crafting the components of your plan. During the meeting we are collaborating together as what works best for some may not in your case. After the interim we will meet one more time to present your financial plan. You’ll leave with the tools needed to implement the plan yourself. The entire process typically takes 6-8 weeks and you’ll have 30-60 days of support depending on the complexity of the plan.

Our focus is on recently married/new parents as well as couples planning to retire. If you’re just starting out we can help clarify how to balance saving for a new home and college without impacting retirement.

If you are thinking about retiring soon we can help navigate you to the finish line. How much savings do you need, how should your funds be allocated, and/or will you need long term care?
  1. What are fees? Typically $1,500 - $3,000
  2. What happens after support? You may come back whenever you’d like. If within 1 year you’ll receive a 20% discount.
  3. What is the difference between Hourly and Monthly? We do not offer implementation with a hourly plan. We also do not monitor your progress to ensure things are done correctly.
  4. Do you offer help with budgeting? We do not but we can recommend some excellent planners that can help with this.

Case Studies

The Pre-Retirees
Steve and Ann were a couple in their late 50s. They were approaching retirement but wanted an objective opinion to make sure they were doing things right. They were saving most of their income in a savings account and paying down the principal to their home. We revised their savings strategy, stress tested their plan and made recommendations to improve it. We also devised a strategy to maximize social security and reviewed their need for long term care insurance. They received this plan and implemented it themselves. Each year they come back to make sure their plan is on track.

The Young Family
Jon and Alyssa were a couple in their early 30s. They’ve been married for a couple years and just had their second child. They were contemplating if it made sense for Alyssa to stay home with their kids. How would this impact their goals? We reviewed their savings strategy and made revisions to slowly increase as each year passed. This plan allowed them to stay on track but also allow them to get the right insurance coverage. We seek to attain the right balance and illustrate the impact of each decision.

Disclosure: The scenarios above are illustrative of work done by Solari Financial Planning, but are not actual. Names and details have been adjusted.

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