For many, investing can be difficult and time consuming. Solari Financial will implement and manage your investments so you don’t have to.

Our process is designed to help grow your wealth so you can focus on your family and career.


Initial Financial Plan
Our comprehensive approach analyzes 7 areas to create a cohesive plan. Over our initial 2-3 meetings we’ll work with you on the right recommendations on your short and long term savings, student loans, investments, taxes, insurance, company benefits and estate plan. After the initial plan we'll manage the implementation process.

During the initial process we’ll create a low cost diversified investment portfolio. We incorporate academic research and have partnered with Dimensional Fund Advisors to manage your investments. Our 4 wealth building objectives are:

  1. Identify and maintain a portfolio allocation appropriate for your financial goals, investment objective, time horizon, and tolerance for risk. Your portfolio is a carefully coordinated piece to your overall plan.
  2. We make no attempt to predict the direction or the magnitude of short-term market volatility. Market timing is a losing proposition.
  3. We will manage a fixed target allocation to each asset class in your portfolio
  4. We will rebalance your portfolio in order to maintain the target allocation to each asset class
Semi Annual Reviews
During the year we’ll check in to make sure things are moving forward. We’ll also meet twice a year to review your plan. Throughout the year we will be monitoring your investments and notify you if any changes are needed. Will recent instability be cause for adjustments to your portfolio? How will your portfolio be affected if economic factors are revised? What happens to your portfolio if there’s a change to your overall plan? We are here to navigate so you don't have to.
As Needed Meetings
Life doesn’t always happen as scheduled. That’s why we are available when you need us. Unscheduled bonus, getting married, or switching jobs? We’ll meet with you as things change quickly. This is our proactive approach.

Case Studies

The Independent Advice Seekers
Jill and Dan were a couple in their early 50s. Jill was a local pediatrician and Dan was an engineer at a software company. They had worked with another advisor in the past but his focus was always on investments and insurance products. Jill and Dan wanted an independent advisor that would always provide advice in their best interest. They also sought us to managing their retirement savings so they can enjoy what matters to them. We meet with them twice a year to monitor their plan and keep them on track.

The Hectic Schedule
Edward and Ann were in their late 30’s with 4 children. Edward a partner in a dental practice and Ann a stay at home parent had busy schedules. Edward worked long hours and Ann was driving all over for the kids activities. Family and work were their focus. They decided to hire a professional to manage and monitor their financial plan.

Disclosure: The scenarios above are illustrative of work done by Solari Financial Planning, but are not actual. Names and details have been adjusted.

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